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Benefits of Living in the Finger Lakes

The benefits of Finger Lakes living were featured in a special article for USA TODAY by Larry Olmsted (7/16/10). He reported that the Finger Lakes region of central New York is an area the size of New Jersey and “includes 11 namesake lakes, spread like the fingers on two hands.” Katharine Dyson, an area journalist now completing her fourth edition of The Finger Lakes Book, A Complete Guide, is quoted saying, “It’s four hours from New York City but a world away in style‚Ķ It’s a place that has a firm grasp on what’s important, like fresh air, farmers’ markets, little traffic, outdoor concerts and lake water so clear you can see right to the bottom.”

The article highlighted assets in the area including “more than 100 wineries, a Thoroughbred racetrack and the famed Watkins Glen auto track. It has state and local parks, golf courses, ski resorts and more than 1,000 waterfalls.” The Finger Lakes area boasts excellent schools, and numerous centers of higher education ranging from growing local community colleges to world renowned Cornell University.

Local realtor Brian Zerges, president of Finger Lakes Premier Properties commented, “We’ve got the waterfalls, wine trails, a new cheese trail, the gorges, hiking and Watkins Glen, but the biggest appeal for homeowners and tourists is the water. The focus is on lakefront homes and properties off the lake but accessible.”

These attributes are no news to area builder Chris Iversen, president of Chrisanntha, Inc. His family has been building in the Finger Lakes area since his grandfather arrived from Denmark in the early 1900’s. “People are attracted to the Finger Lakes for a variety of reasons, but what makes it hard to leave is the natural beauty of the area,” says Iversen. “We are most fortunate that our company is given opportunities to serve people who are building their dreams, whether it is their dream home or the home of their business.”

Notwithstanding a depressed national and state economy, Iversen is optimistic for the local economy and his construction company’s prospects. “Ontario County, in the heart of the Finger Lakes, is an anomaly. Because of a progressive county government that has maintained strong fiscal discipline and eschewed partisan politics, the demographics of our area is a standout in New York State. Both population and job opportunities are growing. We enjoy one of the highest median incomes in Upstate NY. All of which has lead us to continue to invest in residential and commercial business properties in the Finger Lakes.”