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About the Builder

Chrisanntha, Inc. is a third generation residential construction and commercial real estate development company. We are affiliated with Iversen Construction Corporation and Chrisanntha Construction Corporation, each serrving a distinct segment of the building construction market. (For more information on these companies, refer to our “Affiliates” page).

We trace our origin to Niels Iversen, who apprenticed carpentry in Denmark and began working in the Ontario, Seneca and Yates County areas in 1909. His son, Richard Iversen, incorporated Iversen Construction Corporation in 1958. Chrisanntha, Inc. was incorporated in 1968 with Christopher Iversen assuming the companies’ management responsibilities in 1979. Chrisanntha Construction Corp. was incorporated in 1985, completing our family of construction affiliates to serve the institutional, residential and commercial construction markets of the Finger Lakes. Notwithstanding our growth over the years, we have proudly maintained our small-town family’s pride in honesty and craftsmanship.

Our reputation for effective project management, i.e. project scheduling, productivity and cost control, and equitable subcontractor relations, attracts the best pool of competitive and qualified craftsmen and contractors to our projects. Our knowledge of market conditions and prices, and ability to self-perform the work enhances our influence on the project schedule, quality, and costs. Additionally, our safety programs recognize the primacy of worker safety, a key ingredient in enhancing worksite performance.

Team Personnel

In this industry, each project’s success is entirely dependent on the individual team members assembled to complete it. The individuals in our firm who work with project owners are not junior staff members, but the principals of our firm, best qualified to share the company’s expertise in developing an owner’s design, supervising the construction and expediting scheduled activities.

Christopher Iversen, President, leads our project development team. Chris received his BS degree from Cornell University’s School of Engineering and his MS in Construction Management from Stanford University. Chris’s specific responsibilities are the coordination of project designs, approvals, and construction and sales efforts.

George Howard, Vice President Construction, leads our construction team. His broad based construction experiences since 1970 provide a valuable resource for practical, cost-effective construction solutions and effective scheduling practices. George’s specific responsibilities are to ensure project designs are practical, expedite construction scheduling, and coordinate subcontractor and material purchases.